Martin Luther Health Training School

We are proud to announce our partnership with the Martin Luther Health Training School (MLHTS). In 2002, VillageSteps founders met a young boy, about 12. He was helped through school and university by VillageSteps and now he is a principle at MLHTS in northern Ghana.

It is my pleasure to get Village Steps involved in this huge project as it is in line with the mission and vision of Village Steps to make education accessible to the poor, needy, and the less privileged. I am always thankful to Village Steps for sponsoring my education. I find it a moral duty to assist other children in a similar situation as mine some years back.

MLTHS Principle


VillageSteps is seeking support in sponsoring students at MLTHS. You can assist students at secondary school in Ghana working towards Professional Certificates in:

If you would like to give to this initiative please click here.


Enhance students’ awareness of human dignity who would give competent, safe, prompt and efficient for client delights and the importance of quality life for all.


Rooted in and professing fidelity to the meaning of community service and non-profit education, MLK-Nursing is a health training school that nurtures intellectual and community service growth in students to become the best healthcare and community service providers while maintaining consistent with our core values including excellence, integrity, professionalism, caring, compassion and justice.


Our core values are service to humanity, commitment to duty, respect for human life, self-discipline, team work, craving for excellence, creativity and collaboration.

For more information on MLHTS check out their website here.

Looking to sponsor a MLTHS student?

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