We are grateful for any financial assistance you are willing to provide. Every dollar counts. Below is a breakdown of some typical costs for each type of program we support.

100% of all donations go straight to the project you’re donating to!

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Or MAIL donations to: Village Steps at 28 18th Ave., Kirkland, WA 98033

Chicken ProjectCost
Chickens$217 for 600 chicks
Sawdust $52 for 10 bags
Warm bulbs $26 for 5 bulbs
Feed $181 for 10 bags
Grower feed $192 for 10 bags
Drinkers $78 for 10
Feeders $78 for 10
Medicine & sprayers $86
1 Year ScholarshipCost
Middle school$250
High school$1,200
Construction (varies)Cost
New Pre-School Building: Sand, cement, & labor $414
Building for Women’s Sewing Co-op $10,000
HIV SupportCost
Nutrition packs and medication for HIV positive students*$375 per month
*We continue to support 3 HIV positive students
Lunch Program for ONE whole year is $100 per month $1,200 for year
Preschool Teacher allowance of $100 per month for one year $1,200 for year
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