On August 3, 2005 VillageSteps was incorporated as a non-profit in Washington State and granted 501 (c) (3) status. Lincoln, Ken, and Suzanne Popp were the initial founders. Since that time many others have joined the VillageSteps team continuing to grow and develop to the organization it is today.

In 2005 Village Steps began supporting schools through a school lunch program in Zambia, Africa. We now celebrate and give thanks for the progress of over 800 children who have attended Village Steps supported schools or have graduated to higher level schools.

Three girls in particular have shown dedication to their education. They were in the first school when Village Steps started in 2005 and completed secondary school thereafter. We thank our donors for continued support of these girls.

We acknowledge the tenacity of children who have chores at home and still walk to school, often on an empty stomach. Many of them have lost parents and have limited resources, but they have persevered. Thanks to dedicated, often unpaid teachers, children are learning.

All of you who are donors to Village Steps have been part of changing lives and the future of generations of families. You have given hope to those who may have felt forgotten. We thank you for the children and their families.

Let’s build something together

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